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Native American Genealogy

"Indian" Rolls & Census Data

Researching Native American ancestry is one of the most difficult tasks for genealogists -- amateur or professional. If you haven't already done so, I highly recommend you review my "How-To Articles" that were originally written for Suite101. Among other things, you'll find out why your native ancestor may be listed on one census or another as white, "colored," free person of "color," Indian, or slave. I hope you'll find many other tips and hints that will help you see through the mist of history.

The hardest part of your search will be documenting that your ancestor was indeed a Native American. That is why this section of my website has been built. Here you will find census rolls and lists of Indians that I have gathered over the years. I am also constantly tracking down free sites on the net that connect directly to census and roll information which includes names identifying a person as a Native American. As more and more sites are charging for information, I hope you'll aid in this effort. Please notify me of any free online census data you find that identifies tribal affiliation or native identity so we can help others with their family tree.

For a complete list of American Indian Records on Microfilm at the National Archives, please go to: Native American Census Rolls at NARA.

For Dawes Roll information for the Five Civilized tribes please go to: 1898-1906 Dawes Rolls at Access Genealogy.

NOTE: The Dawes Packets are now online at Footnote and you can now access and and download the application form online. They charge for the service, by the page or by the year, but it is cheaper than a visit to the National Archives.


Blackfeet (Blackfoot) Genealogy
Be sure to read the introduction and the notes for specific individuals.




1847 Partial Census of the Cawtaba in South Carolina
1854 census of Catawba in South Carolina
1930 Catawba Reservation Census


Cherokee (Tsalagi')


When doing research into Cherokee ancestry, it is important to remember that the Cherokee covered a territory beyond North Carolina and that migration westward began prior to the forced removal (the Trail of Tears) in 1838.

In 1540, when Hernando DeSoto landed, the Cherokee territory covered an estimated 135,000 square miles in an area now designated as Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. As early as 1790, Cherokee had moved into southeastern Missouri and the migration included a southward movement into Arkansas about 1812.

1851 Census of Cherokee east of the Mississippi - Paint Town, Haywood County, NC

1851 Census of Cherokee's east of the Mississippi - Forsythe County, Georgia
1852 Chapman Roll Eastern Cherokees
Roll was prepared by Albert Chapman as a listing of those Cherokee who were actually receiving payments based on the Siler Roll of 1851
1861 - 1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles
At this "Civil War" site you will find the names of the field officers and staff of the first Cherokee Mounted Rifles of the Confederate States of America Indian Nation. They were also known as the 1st Cherokee Mounted Riflemen. The authors of this website have copied the names and rank information where available from the National Archives and Records Administration rolls and microfilm information from the Church of the Latter Day Saints.
1860 Federal Census Cherokee Nation
1898-1906 Dawes Rolls at Access Genealogy.
I recommend AccessGenealogy for a searchable list of the Dawes Rolls (Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole, and Creek). When you get to the website, go to the Native American Genealogy section to get to the rolls.


More Cherokee Records

All Things Cherokee
North Carolina Cherokee Reservation Genealogy
Cherokee Archival Project
Cherokee by Blood
Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma, Registration Forms
Chesnut Genealogical Home Page
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Requirements for Enrollment in the Cherokee Tribe
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Walkingstick of the Cherokee




1860 Federal Census Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory


Chippewa (and Ottowa)


The 1870 census, 1908 Durant Roll and the 1910 Durant Supplemental Rolls




1860 Federal Census Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory



1860 Federal Census Creek Nation, Indian Territory
1899-1907 Index of Creek Enrollment Cases
According to the creators of the website, "This database indexes the Creek Indian and Creek Freedman enrollment cases on microfilm M1301, rolls 402-414, that deal with persons applying for Creek Indian and Creek Freedman citizenship and Dawes enrollment." I recommend you read the introduction page fully before actually searching the index.




1885, 1900, 1910, and 1930 Crow Census Database
This database includes information on Crow households collected in four census years: 1885, 1900, 1910, and 1930. The information is organized by census-assigned "household numbers." However, there is also a search by name, which will work even with just a first name. Use it to pull up the entire household by number.




1871, 1881, 1891 Mi'kmaq Censuses in Nova Scotia
Census material taken from the Ph.D thesis, "Change in the Real Property Law of a Cape Breton Island Micmac Band, Volume 2" by Daniel P. Strouthes. Watch for inaccuracies. A number of Mi'kmaq may have been omitted; also first and last names may be reversed.


Micmac (Mi'kmaq) birth, marriage, death and baptisms in Nova Scotia
Access to the The Registers of St. Jean-Baptiste Annapolis Royal, 1702-1755


Oneida and Tuscarora


1794 Part 1, Oneida and Tuscarora
"Account of Losses Sustained by the Oneidas & Tuscaroras, in Consequence of their Attachment to the United States in the Late War" Transcription of a Document drawn up in Nov-Dec 1794
1794 Part 2 Oneida and Tuscarora
"Account of Losses Sustained by the Oneidas & Tuscororas,
1812 Ely Parker's List of Oneida Indian Volunteers War of 1812
1840 Oneida Indians who moved from NY to the Thames in 1840
1851 Census, Deleware Township, Middlesex County, Ontario Canada
District 2, Oneida Indian Settlement
1886-1887 Annotated Oneida Tribal Census Roll
1893 Census of the Oneida Indians of New York Agency
1905 Membership Roll, Oneida of the Thames,Oneida Reserve, Ontario, Canada
Includes up to three generations of Oneida
1911 Canadian Census of the Oneida Reservation in Ontario
1922 Oneida at Onondaga, New York Agency




1860 Federal Census Seminole Nation, Indian Territory
1915 Census of the Seminole Indians of Miami Agency, Florida
Taken July 1915 by Lucien A. Spencer, Special Commissioner. Note that the incorrect term for a native woman or wife is used in the census as that was the term used by the census taker.




1895-1939 Census. M595, rolls 211-223.
ca. 1901 Allotments. 7RA250, rolls 1-3
The roll numbers shown are microfilm rolls available at NARA. You can obtain them from the National Archives or check your local Family History Library.




1867 Wyandot tribal Roll

Census Records That Cover More Than One Tribe

1733-1781 Marriages in a Connecticut Church
This is a record of early Connecticut marriages that took place in the Congregational Church, North Stonington, New London County, Connecticut between 1733 and 1781. All marriages at this church are recorded, so it may help anyone with ancestors who lived in that area. Ethnicity is identified only in those cases where the people married were not obviously "white." The designation used was "Indian." I didn't count all the entries, but there are many surnames here.
1870 Durant Roll, Michagan (partial)
The census was taken by Horace B. Durant, a special agent of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. This census includes all persons who were enumerated in the 1870 census and their known descendants, living on 4 Mar 1907. The actual census includes the Sault Ste. Marie, Mackinac, Grand Traverse and Grand River bands of Ottawas and Chippewas. Grand Traverse Band surnames only on this site, but there is an email address for additional information.
1900 Lincoln County, Nevada Federal Census
Full census with "Indians" identified in some cases
1910 Missaukee County Michigan Census Indian Population
Includes: Pottawatomie, Ottawa, Chippewa

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