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Native American Legends & Stories

Native American legends and stories have been told over the centuries to younger generations as teaching tools to guide future generations. In effect, it was and is the Native American way of instilling family values. Writing down the legends and stories didn't begin until European immigrants to the Americas began to arrive. Some of the legends and stories vary depending on the resource material used, but in the main, the morals and "truths" the stories tell are the same ... and they are still valid. Then there are those stories and legends without a moral -- they are just good stories -- something to share with your children or grandchildren on a quiet afternoon or cold winter night.

I hope you will enjoy the legends and stories you find here. New items will be added as time allows and all will link from this page. Enjoy!

Aleut - Origin of the Winds

Algonquin - Honeyed Words Can't Sweeten Evil

Apache - How the Buffalo Were Released on Earth

Cherokee - Why The Opossum's Tail Is Bare

Cowichan - Tail Of Fire

Cree - Ghost Stallion

Iroquois - How Fire Came to the Six Nations

Mikmaq - Rabbit and the Moon Man

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